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Master Fitness Trainer Course

The Master Fitness Trainer Course trains selected Noncommissioned Officers (NCOs) and Commissioned Officers in all aspects of the Army’s Physical Readiness Training (PRT) System, so they can be unit advisors on physical readiness issues and monitor the unit and individual physical readiness program.

The MFTC is now taught in a two phase format. The first Phase consists of 60 academic hours of Distributive Learning (dL) comprised of exercise science classes.

The second Phase is a 2 week, 76 academic hour resident course which covers all PRT exercises and drills. You will be expected to tie in the knowledge gained from the DL portion of the course and put it into practice. The second Phase is offered as a resident course at Fort Moore, GA or as an MTT.

Upon graduation from this course, Soldiers will be awarded the Additional Skill Identifier (ASI) of P5, for enlisted Soldiers, or 6P, for Officers.

As a minimum, Soldiers must be in the grade of SGT / E-5 to attend this course. This is a non-waiverable prerequisite.

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