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Course Descriptions

ASA-A Description: The course curriculum focuses on teaching students to integrate the six domains of human behavior into training and combat, and to demonstrate how they can be applied to enhance the Squads ability to achieve overmatch in a universal operational environment. This is accomplished by placing students in classroom and field environments, and presenting them with experiential based, predictive, tactical based, problem solving situations. Course Outcomes: All attendees will leave the course with observable competence in the core competencies of ASA and be able to advise their command structure to utilize ASA to promote left-of-bang thinking and mission planning. The desired outcomes are listed below: Desired Outcome: Integrate ASA principles and Human Behavior Pattern Recognition and Analysis (HBPR& A) problem-solving into training and combat operations. Desired Outcome: Mitigate insider threats using (HBPR& A). Desired Outcome: Apply Human Behavior Pattern Recognition and Analysis to Soldier fitness and resilience. Desired Outcome: Sustain ASA Basic Knowledge, Abilities and Attitudes training.

ASA-B Description: ASA equips Soldiers with critical thinking, problem-solving, and analysis in order to be aware of human behavior and their surrounding environment. ASA trains them to employ this knowledge with enhanced observation techniques – equipping the individual and unit to be "left-of-bang".

This is accomplished in a classroom and field environment with realistic, complex scenarios requiring demonstration of critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.