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Military Advisor Training Academy (MATA) Site

Military Advisor Training Academy (MATA)

MATA Leadership

LTC Locke, Douglas

Lt. Col. Douglas A. Locke III

1SG Florio, Joshua

1st Sgt. Joshua Florio

MATA Mission

The U.S. Army Military Advisor Training Academy (MATA), trains, educates, and develops professional Security Force Assistance (SFA) combat military advisors that are specifically trained, equipped, and postured to Train, Advise, Assist, Accompany & Enable Allied and Partner Nation forces in peacetime engagement, contingency, crisis, and/or combat operations in support of the Geographical Combatant Commander's (GCC) Theater Campaign & Contingency Plans.

CATC Purpose

The Combat Advisor Training Course (CATC) is focused on training U.S. Army Foreign Security Forces (FSF) Combat Advisors to serve as members of the Security Force Assistance Brigade. Graduates from the CATC will have the requisite knowledge, skills and attributes to competently train, advise, assist, accompany, and enable FSF. Students will be confident in the knowledge and skills needed to function in complex environments by, through, and with FSF as a member of an advisor team.