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Dismounted C-IED Tactics Master Trainer/9E-F59/950-F38 Site

Dismounted C-IED Tactics Master Trainer/9E-F59/950-F38

Course Description

Upon completion of this course, the Master Trainer (MT) will have the foundation to become a SME in C-IED Tactics. The MT will apply knowledge to assist leaders with C-IED training, planning, executing, and supervising at company and battalion level. The DCT-MT course focuses on four outcomes:

  1. Assess the IED threat
  2. Recommend enablers to mitigate IED threats
  3. Incorporate C-IED Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) into Unit Training
  4. Conduct a company level C-IED training program

The DCT-MT course is a 10 day course broken down over two weeks culminating in the completion of a situational training exercise (STX).

Week 1 - Students will receive an understanding of the IED threat through classroom and Practical Exercise (PE) instruction. In addition, attendees will receive training on various Hand Held Detectors (HHD's) to include the CEIA CMD 2.0, VMR2 Minehound, DSP-27, Strider Detector System and the dismounted Counter-Radio Electronic Warfare (CREW) THOR III systems. Students will also receive an instructional overview on the emerging threat of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS). This block of instruction culminates in an understanding of the complex threat, attack/employment methods, current enablers and reporting procedures. Multiple mission planning exercises are conducted to evaluate the student's ability to account for IED threats in the operational environment. Throughout the first week, students will be challenged to think like the enemy in order to maintain a proactive versus reactive mindset.

Week 2 - Three situational training exercises are conducted during week two. Students receive a Battalion/Company Operations Order followed by Troop Leading Procedures (TLP's). Upon completion of TLP's, students will execute a platoon level mission that incorporates IED threats. Attendees will be evaluated on their ability to mitigate IED threats and accomplish the overall mission. Week two concludes with training on Unit Training Management (UTM). The UTM class enables the Master Trainers with the tools to be successful in running a Company Level C-IED training program.