Fort Moore

U.S. Army Fort Moore and The Maneuver Center of Excellence



Course Description

Stryker Leader Course is a career progression and leader development course designed to impart Stryker Brigade Combat Team (SBCT) designated Leaders the fundamental information to achieve technical competence required of Leaders assigned to Stryker formations. This is a three week resident course taught which uses hands-on, performance-oriented training and simulations as the primary methods of instruction. Stryker Leader Course is designed to train selected Officers from 2LT-MAJ and Noncommissioned Officers from SGT-MSG to provide future SLC Leaders. During Stryker Leaders Course, the future Stryker Leader is trained in three areas.

The Maintenance module:

  1. History of the Stryker
  2. Vehicle Capabilities
  3. SBCT Safety
  4. Property and Accountability
  5. Introduction to the Stryker tablet
  6. Maintenance supervision
  7. Stryker Recovery Operations
  8. Recovery situational training exercise (STX).

The Training Management module:

  1. SBCT doctrine
  2. Leader development
  3. EA Development, and Fire (echelon)
  4. SBCT Sustainment
  5. Integrated Weapons Training Strategy (IWTS), Unit Training Management (UTM)
  6. Vehicle Identification (VID)
  7. Joint Battle Command – platform (JBC-P).

The Employment Execution module:

  1. OPORD
  2. tactical exercise without troops (TEWT)
  3. RWS familiarization fire

The exams module:

  1. Test Block One (maintenance module)
  2. Recovery STX
  3. Test Block Two (training management module)
  4. OPORD evaluation