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ARMOR October-December 2014

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Integrating Armored Warfare and What That Could Mean for the Infantry Brigade Combat Team
by MAJ Joshua A. Taylor

Lessons from Exportable Combat Training Center Rotation 14-02
by LTC Sean Hunt Kuester and MAJ Nathan Guthrie

Doing More with Less
by LTC Franz Krasznitzer

1st Armored Division Leads Army in Re-examining Mission Command 'Initiatives'
by BG Joseph P. Harrington and Dr. William M. Rierson

Transforming Tanks to Boots
by CPT Nicholas Rinaldi, 1LT Chad Strickland and 1SG David Winczewski

Cluster Munitions No More: What This Means for the U.S. Military
by LTC Mike Jacobson

Lost Sabers: Why We Need Operational Cavalry and How to Get It Back
by MAJ William S. Nance

Measures of Effectiveness in Army Doctrine
by CPT Tom Westphal and CPT Jason Guffey

'Driver, How Much Fuel Do We Have?' – An Update
by LTC William Kepley

Tactics, Techniques and Procedures for Employment of Brigade and Task Force Engineers
by COL Jason L. Smallfield

Sustainment Portal Provides Relevant Tool to Improve Readiness
by Dr. Reginald L. Snell


Chief of Armor's Hatch: Increasing Our Momentum

In Memoriam: retired COL J.W. Thurman

Gunner's Seat: 'If the Tanks Succeed, Then Victory Follows'
by CSM Michael Clemens

Blackhorse Perspectives: Success at the National Training Center: Security Operations
by MAJ Carl K. Quinlan, CPT John A. Piccione and CPT Clyde J. Daines

From the Boresight Line: Abrams Training Assessment Course
by SFC John Vandewater

From the Screen Line: The French Armor Contribution to Operation Serval (Mali)
by MG Arnaud Sainte-Claire Deville (commandant, French Armor School)

Saddles and Sabers
(historical column): St. Vith package

"What's Your Next Move" tactical vignette: "Showdown in the Central Corridor"
by LTC Scott O'Neal

Book review: Kiev 1941: Hitler's Battle for Supremacy in the East
by David Stahel; review by LTC (Dr.) Robert G. Smith

Book review: Operation Typhoon: Hitler's March on Moscow, October 1941
by David Stahel; review by LTC (Dr.) Robert G. Smith

Featured unit: 66th Armored Regiment