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Winter 2020 Issue

Commandant's Note

Retaining Our Best Talent: A Shared Responsibility

Infantry News

USAIS Adopts New Way of Instilling Warrior Ethos in Recruits

Frontline Robotics: Enhancing the Situational Awareness of Junior Leaders through Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Infantry News

Pioneers Leading the Way: 1st Battalion, 29th Infantry — The Army’s Premier Lethality and Force Modernization Battalion

Company Mortars at JRTC

Developing a Generation of Combat-Ready Leaders: Why BCTs Must Conduct Fire Support Coordination Exercises

Electromagnetic Spectrum Survivability in Large-Scale Combat Operations

Preparing a Company for Property Book Split and Deployment

Task Force Contain: Brigade Combat Team COVID-19 Operations

Committing to Gender Integration: Get Rid of the Female Tent

Training Notes

Advising Lethality: What the SFAB Brings to the Fight

Training for the Army’s New M4 Qualification

Battalion Sustainment Planning Trends at JRTC

Tactical Decision Games in a Virtual Setting

Advancing an Understanding of Military, Robotic Exoskeletons