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Expert Infantryman Badge


The purpose of the EIB is to recognize Infantrymen who have demonstrated a mastery of critical tasks. These tasks build on the foundation of individual proficiency, allowing them to locate, close with, and destroy the enemy.


Land Navigation. Land Navigation tests the ability of Candidates to navigate from one point to another using a map and compass while equipped with their individual combat gear. This is the second graded event they will undertake, demonstrating their proficiency under both day and night conditions. Land Navigation testing will be conducted in accordance with TC 3-25.26. Refer to Chapter Five for more details on this event.

Individual Testing Stations. The Individual Testing Stations are the third graded event and tests a Candidate’s proficiency in a variety of Infantry skills. Individual Testing Stations are re-testable but Candidates must pass each Individual Testing Station in order to continue. Refer to Chapter Six for more details on this event.

12-Mile Foot March and Final Event. The 12-Mile Foot March and Final Event are the last events in the EIB test. Candidates must complete the 12-Mile route in three hours or less and then complete the Final Event in five minutes or less. Both events will be conducted according to the standards established in this publication, with additional standards for the 12-Mile Foot March outlined in ATP 3-21.18. Refer to Chapter Seven for more details on this event.