Fort Moore

U.S. Army Fort Moore and The Maneuver Center of Excellence

Basic Airborne Course (BAC) Site

Basic Airborne Course (BAC)

Clothing and Equipment Requirements

  • Military identification card
  • TWO SETS of Identification tags: One long and one short chain interlaced, with one ID tag per chain (and medical alert badge if required) per set.
  • Military issue eyeglasses 2 pair with retainer straps, as required. (Due to fragility of civilian eyeglasses, it is suggested they not be worn during BAC training.) Contact lenses are NOT authorized.
  • Duty uniform Patrol cap 2 each (Beret is acceptable for foreign students only during graduation)
  • Duty Uniform with appropriate rank, insignia, nametapes, and branch tapes, minimum 2 sets
  • Service approved combat belt 2 each
  • Tan undershirts or other service authorized undershirts 5 each
  • Underwear 5 each
  • Service PT Uniform. Complete service approved physical fitness uniform, no unit or organizational uniforms allowed. Winter uniforms are required from 1 October-31 March but is highly recommended to bring year-round due to changes in the weather. If your service does not have a specific physical fitness uniform, plain athletic style clothes are allowed
  • Service approved combat boots for service uniform. Hot weather/temperate weather tan boots for service uniform. 2 pair (Note: altered boots are not authorized)
  • Wet Weather Top
  • Cushion soled socks black or green (for wear with boots) 5 pair
  • Authorized running shoes
  • Authorized white or black athletic socks (must cover the ankle/no logos), 5 pair
  • Boot cleaning gear
  • Towels 3 each
  • Washcloths 3 each
  • Toiletries (personal toilet paper is recommended but is optional
  • Military issued black gloves and liners
  • Heavy duty combination locks 2 each (combination locks ARE required)
  • AR 40-5, Preventive Medicine and AR 40-63, Ophthalmic Services Does not authorize contact lenses for wear in field (dirty or dusty) environments, because BAC students are trained in a dirty, or dusty, environment CONTACT LENSES CANNOT BE WORN DURING BAC TRAINING
  • During summer season (April - September) Personnel must provide their own sunscreen with an SPF of 50
  • DO NOT bring any Personally Owned Weapons to the course.
  • Dietary supplements are not authorized for use by any personnel attending courses on Ft. Moore.

NOTES: This packing list reflects items that you may need during the course. You may add to this list (personal sheets, more socks, more uniforms, etc.), but it is highly encouraged to not remove items.

Clothing and Equipment Requirements