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Officer Candidate School (OCS) Site

Officer Candidate School (OCS)

Lt. Col. Wilford Garvin

Command Sgt. Maj. Jacob R. Gilmer

For the most up-to-date news on OCS, please visit the 3-11 IN REGT (OCS) Facebook Page. The Facebook page is updated more regularly than the website and has available the most current information. 3-11 IN REGT (OCS) Facebook Page.


3rd Battalion 11th Infantry Regiment (OCS) trains, educates, and commissions officers in order to provide the Army with leaders of character who live by the Army Ethic.


Provide the Army a scalable commissioning source to achieve the annual commissioning mission by producing officers to meet the challenges of future operational requirements.


Congratulations on your selection for Officer Candidate training. It is highly admirable that you chose to pursue a commission and serve your country as a member of its officer corps. I look forward to your arrival at Fort Moore, Georgia, “Home of the Infantry”, and to 3d Battalion, 11th Infantry (Officer Candidate School).

The battalion’s mission is train and commission 2d Lieutenants for the Army. A competent cadre will train you on the fundamentals of leadership and basic military skills, instill Army values and officership, evaluate your leadership potential. We will commission only those who meet the challenge and succeed.

The Program of Instruction (POI) is 12 weeks long. You will be challenged physically, mentally, academically, and emotionally. Make sure you are physically prepared. Come here in shape, not to get in shape! Ensure your personal affairs are in order. Once enrolled, there is little time to tend to personal affairs.

Our Family Readiness Group assists the chain of command in keeping families informed on the progress of their candidates in training. It is imperative that we have accurate contact information to keep your families updated. Our primary forum for information is electronic mail but we will send hard copy for those families with no access to the web. If your families are not getting the information they need, please have them contact your company commander or me.

Please review the information on this site. It is provided to aid your preparation for OCS. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact my staff or me. I look forward to training you to become an officer.