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Environmental Management Division (EMD)

Natural Resources Branch

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The Natural Resources Management Branch (NRMB) actively manages the installation’s natural resources with an ecosystem based approach to ensure sustainability and that the Installation can meet its mission needs now and into the future. This management style and related goals are achieved by NRMB personnel through field inventory and monitoring, scientific research and adaptive management. Some familiar management activities and tools include prescribed fire, timber harvest/thinning and reforestation, invasive species control, threatened and endangered species surveys, and hunting and fishing game management.

Due to historical and present land uses and the Installation’s location along the Fall Line, plant and animal diversity remains high. There are 66 animal and plant species known to occur on the installation which are State and/or Federally Threatened, Endangered, or Species of Concern; including the red-cockaded woodpecker (RCW) a federally endangered species. NRMB staff regularly coordinates with range and training personnel, as well as with units on the installation, to maintain natural resources and ensure environmental compliance. All training events or proposed projects on the installation with the potential to impact Natural Resources must first be approved though submission of the installation 144R (FB-144R) form. FB144R requests are reviewed by NRMB.

For more information on wildfires or prescribed burning call 706-544-7075/706-544-7081.

For more information on RCW call 706-544-7069.

For more information on other wildlife and plant species call 706-544-7079.

For more information on timber management or tree removal call 706-544-7076/706-544-7081.

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