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ARMOR January-March 2015

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Crisis Response: the East African Response Force in South Sudan
by LTC Robert E. Lee Magee

Balancing Regionally Aligned Force Requirements with Readiness Requirements
by LTC Joshua D. Wright, MAJ Matthew C. Stanley and MAJ Kevin P. Ryan

Preparing for a Regionally Aligned Force Deployment: the Raider Brigade’s Perspective
by MAJ Robert Walker

Foreword to 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division’s articles
by COL Charles D. Costanza

Regional Alignment of a Brigade Combat Team to U.S. Northern Command
by MAJ Chris Manglicmot, LTC Alexis Rivera and CPT Joseph M. Koennecke

Leveraging Sledgehammer Brigade to Build Enduring Partnerships in Shaping Tomorrow’s Security
by MAJ Chris Manglicmot and CPT Liam Kozma

Canadian Exercise Worthington Challenge: Opportunities in Theater-Security Cooperation
by MAJ Chris Manglicmot and CPT David M. Kennedy

Theater-Security Cooperation as a Regionally Aligned Force: Lessons-Learned from a Combined-Arms Battalion Serving U.S. Northern Command
by CPT Alexander C. Barron and promotable 1LT Matthew P. Dixon

A Hybrid Solution for a Hybrid Threat: Implementing a Variation of the Regimental System
by MAJ Cory W. Wallace

Broadening from the Armor Branch Perspective
by LTC Jay Miseli

The Cavalry Squadron of 2025
by CPT Kyle Trottier (Starry Writing Competition 2014 runner-up)

A Professional Warfighter for Any Platform
by CPT Luke C. Bowers

Project Warrior: Bridging the Gap between the Operational and Institutional Domains
by LTC Chris Budihas, promotable CPT Robert W. Humphrey and promotable CPT Ian C. Pitkin

A Look at Officer Education at the Maneuver Center of Excellence
by MAJ Amos C. Fox

Armor Branch Reinvigorates Developmental Programs
by CPT Francis A. Calimbas

Reforging the Saber
by MAJ Brett Matzenbacher, CPT Robert W. Humphrey and CPT Andrew Jenkins

Developing the Future Armor Brigade Combat Team’s Cavalry Squadron
by MAJ Todd L. Poindexter

Painting the Picture: Cavalry Operations in a Jungle Environment (14 Lessons Re-learned at 25th Infantry Division’s Jungle Operations Training Course)
by CPT John Healy

Arming for Impact: Empowering Cavalry to Enhance Joint Combined-Arms Operations
by promotable CPT Nathan A. Jennings

The Tank is Dead! Long Live the Tank!
by 1LT Kier Elmonairy

Leading Staffs: New and Persistent Challenges
by COL Andrew Morgado

Persistent Surveillance and Joint Fires in the Horn of Panjwai
by MAJ Robert L. Green

The Battery Difference: A Solution to Reducing Soldier Load and Increasing Effectiveness on the Battlefield
by MAJ Tom Beyerl

Intelligence Center Develops Distributed Common Ground System-Army Tactical-Engagement Teams to Support Mission Command
by MG Robert P. Ashley and COL William L. Edwards

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Chief of Armor’s Hatch: Looking to the Future of Combat Vehicles
by BG Scott McKean

Gunner’s Seat: Excellence in Sustainment
by CSM Michael Clemens

Blackhorse Perspectives: Reflections of a Blackhorse Commander
by CPT Jeffery W. Whittington

From the Boresight Line: The Brigade Support Battalion: Providing Support to the Armored Brigade Combat Team
by LTC Steven A. Erickson and LTC William O. Kepley Jr.

From the Screen Line: Transformation of the Duties and Responsibilities of a Headquarters Troop Commander (Counterinsurgency/Security-Force Assistance to Decisive-Action Training Environment)
by CPT Gary M. Klein

What’s Your Next Move?: Author’s Solution to Tactical Vignette 14-02: ‘Showdown in the Central Corridor’
by LTC Scott O’Neal

Index of 2014 Articles and Authors

Book review: Chasing Jeb Stuart and John Mosby: The Union Cavalry in Northern Virginia from Second Manassas to Gettysburg by Robert F.O’Neill; review by promotable CPT Nathan A. Jennings

Featured unit: 10th Cavalry Regiment