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ARMOR Spring 2017 edition

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Protecting the Tail of the Tiger: Reshaping the Way We Train Logistics
by CPT Travis Michelena

Defeating the Battalion Tactical Group
by CPT Nic Fiore

Strength Punishes, Speed Kills: the Stryker Weapons Troop at National Training Center
by CPT Jared Wayne

2017-2018 Armor Training and Leader Development Strategy Released

Bringing the Future Back to Combat Systems: Recognizing the Need for a New Main Battle Tank
by MAJ Michael J. Trujillo

Army Design Methodology for the Regionally Allocated Battalion
by LTC Christopher S. Mahaffey, MAJ John W. Denney and 1LT Victoria C. Hulm

The Reconnaissance and Security Strike Group: A Multi-Domain Battle Enabler
by MAJ Nathan A. Jennings

Maneuver Leaders’ Role in Observation Planning
by LTC Jack D. Crabtree, LTC Jonathan A. Shine and CPT George L. Cass

Lessons for Today from Umayyad Invasion of Gaul
by CPT Thomas W. Doherty

Future Special Operations Forces and Conventional Forces Interdependence
by LTC Casey Galligan and CW5 Dennis Castellanos

Overtasking and Its Effect on Platoon and Company Tactical Proficiency: an Opposing Forces and Observer / Coach / Trainer Perspective
by CPT J. Scott Metz

Maneuver and Intelligence: Bridging the Gap for Unified Land Operations
by MAJ James A. Kolky and MAJ Michael J. Trujillo


Chief of Armor’s Hatch: Preparing Armor Branch to Thrive
by BG John S. Kolasheski

Gunner’s Seat: Noncommissioned Officer Promotions, Opportunities
by CSM Alan Hummel

Book reviews: Barbarossa Unleashed and Barbarossa 1941, both reviews by LTC (Dr.) Robert G. Smith; Genesis, Employment, Aftermath: First World War Tanks and New Warfare, 1900-1945 edited by Alaric Searle, reviewed by retired COL D.J. Judge; Route 9 Problem, The Battle for Lang Vei by David B. Stockwell, reviewed by Gary A. Jones

Featured unit:72nd Armor Regiment

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