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United States Army Sniper Course

Course Description

The purpose of the Sniper course is to develop Snipers to be adaptive, critical thinkers, armed with the technical, tactical, and logistical skills necessary to plan and execute precision long-range, direct rifle fire against enemy targets while serving as a member of a Sniper Team.

Course Scope:
Sniper is a 29-day resident course. Learning activities focus development on the following areas: Field Craft, and Marksmanship. During Field Craft the students explore and develop an understanding of advanced camouflage techniques, use of hides (urban and rural terrain), terrain utilization, concealed movement, range estimation/determination techniques, target detection using target indicators and how to remain undetected by eliminating target indicators. During Marksmanship instruction the students practice and develop an understanding of proper body positioning, application of the Direct Fire Engagement Process (Shot Process-TC 3-22.10), use of a ballistic calculator, known and unknown distance firing at stationary and moving targets during daylight and limited visibility, including rapid target engagements.

Soldiers must be on Active duty or in the Reserve / National Guard Components.
Must possess MOS 11B, 19D or 18 series in the rank of E3 through E6.
ASI B4 will only be awarded to Soldiers possessing MOS 11B
Must have a good performance record with no history of alcohol or drug abuse.
Must be a volunteer
Must at a minimum possess a physical profile of 111221.
Must have a current (within the last 12 months) physical examination that reflects:

  • 20/20 correctable vision
  • Color discrimination of red/green annotated on physical exam.

Must meet height and weight standards of AR 600-9 "The Army Weight Control Program" at the time of in-processing.
Must have a GT score of 100 or higher.
Must qualify expert with the M4 Rifle within six (6) months of course attendance  UPDATED

Course Outcomes:

  • Observable familiarity with all Sniper Weapons Systems characteristics, components and functions.
  • Observable Advanced Marksmanship Skills.
  • Planning and Executing without Compromise. Observable Advanced Sniper Field Craft. Mission Context Problem Solving