Fort Moore

U.S. Army Fort Moore and The Maneuver Center of Excellence

SUAS Master Trainer Site

SUAS Master Trainer

Course Outcome

Students will possess the:

  • Ability to train proficient group 1 UAS operators.
  • Ability to provide technical advisement not tactical advisement regarding group 1 UAS topics to the Commander.
  • Ability to effectively manage the Commander’s Aircrew Training Program (ATP) for Group 1 UAS.
  • Demonstrate professional accountability and confidence in application of skills and knowledge fundamental to development as a Group 1 UAS Master Trainer.

Course Scope

Course certifies students as Group 1 UAS Master Trainers to conduct Initial Qualifications Training (IQT) and coordinate ATP sustainment training requirements. The primary purpose is to expeditiously, in a safe and thorough program of instruction (POI), certify students to provide instruction on Group 1 UAS systems, to include ground control station, mission planning, simulations, orientation flights, and proficiency flight evaluations. The students will be given classroom and hands-on training during the estimated 140 hours POI. At the conclusion of the training program, students will be certified to conduct initial qualification training, assessed on their ability to implement and manage an ATP, provide Group 1 UAS flight instruction, manage the SUASMAN database and employ SUAS accident prevention