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Scout Leader Course (SLC)


Scout Leader Course (SLC) trains Reconnaissance and Security (R&S) Leaders to develop advanced skills of R&S, a better understanding of the Commander’s information requirements, how to communicate battlefield information timely and accurately, and methods to employ supporting assets while maneuvering a scout platoon in a combined arms formation.

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Course Outcome

  • Apply the fundamentals of reconnaissance and security (R&S) while leading a scout platoon
  • Apply leadership skills and self-confidence to solve R&S mission relevant problems
  • Apply the troop leading procedures while planning and executing R&S missions
  • Evaluate the use of terrain by enemy and friendly forces
  • Analyze threat forces and critically apply intelligence preparation of the battlefield (IPB)
  • Understand advanced communications and reporting techniques in an electronically contested environment.
  • Understand the fundamentals of supporting assets within the framework of mission planning and execution
  • Understand capabilities and limitations of R&S formations across BCTs
  • Understand R&S and scout platoon doctrine in FM3-98 and ATP 3-20.98

Graduation Requirements

Students must pass the classroom Operations Order and their field evaluation assessments to graduate. Those that fail to do so will be dropped from the course.

All graduates of the Scout Leader Course that are recommended by the Armor Branch proponent will be awarded the "Personnel Only" SI/ASI R7 in coordination with the Branch Manager for that CMF.

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