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Cavalry Leader's Course


To train Officers, Chief Warrant Officers, and Noncommissioned Officers who are involved in the planning and execution of reconnaissance collection and tactical security tasks at the Troop and Squadron level, as well as Joint Asset planners and operators who support ground operations. Students will focus on applying the fundamentals of reconnaissance and security, as well as established doctrine and TTPs, into the planning of various high intensity and counter insurgency operations in time constrained environments. Students will develop skills in asset synchronization, reconnaissance equipment employment, and tactical techniques to accomplish a myriad of reconnaissance and security scenarios. Training is built around the following course objectives:

  1. Ability to apply Troop and Squadron Reconnaissance and Security tactics to anticipate, gain, and develop contact for a higher headquarters
  2. Ability to recognize the important elements of a new situation, assess new requirements, and communicate clearly (Mission Command)
  3. Ability to prioritize requirements and synchronize and coordinate Troop Reconnaissance and Security activities
  4. Demonstrate professional accountability and confidence in application of skills and knowledge to development as a Cavalry leader and professional expert

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