Maneuver Self Study Program

Purpose of Self Study Program

This self study program consists of books, articles, doctrine, films, lectures, and practical application exercises to help educate maneuver leaders about the nature and character of war, as well as their responsibilities to prepare their Soldiers for combat, lead them in battle, and accomplish the mission. The intent is to enhance understanding of the complex interaction between war and politics and to improve the effectiveness of maneuver leaders in complex environments and in combat against determined, adaptive enemies. Our Army must be prepared to fight and win our nation's wars and accomplish missions across the range of military operations. A commitment to learning across your career is critical to ensuring that you continue to grow as a leader and are prepared for increased responsibility.

Leader Developement Diagram

This series supplements the formal education you receive in our Army with a guide for self-study. ADRP 6-22 states, "Lifelong learning involves study and reflection to acquire new knowledge and to learn how to apply it when needed." Leaders do not have the time or opportunity to learn every lesson in a classroom. Soldiers must take it upon themselves to seek self improvement and gain knowledge through self study. Our Army values education and Self Study has been an important aspect of leadership development since its founding.

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