7-6. CLS is a nonmedical Soldier trained to provide advanced first aid and lifesaving procedures beyond the level of self-aid or buddy aid. The CLS is not intended to take the place of platoon combat medic or medical personnel. His specialized training can slow deterioration of a wounded Soldier's condition until treatment by medical personnel is possible. Each certified CLS is issued a CLS aid bag. Whenever possible, the platoon leader or platoon sergeant ensures there is at least one CLS qualified Soldier in each fire team.


7-7. Because combat lifesavers are an organic capability, the platoon should make the Comabt Lifesaver Program a training priority.


7-8. The CLS ensures the squad CLS bag and litters, and oral are properly packed. Identifies Class VIII shortages to the platoon medic, and participates in all CLS and litter-carry drills. His advanced first-aid skills are called upon in the field until casualties can be evacuated or medical personnel arrive. The CLS knows the location of the CCP and SOP for establishing it.

Note. The CLS should have a laminated quick reference nine-line medical evacuation card.

Soldiers prepare to transport a casualty

Soldiers prepare to transport a casualty during Combat Lifesaver training.