Fort Moore

U.S. Army Fort Moore and The Maneuver Center of Excellence

Basic Airborne Course (BAC) Site

Basic Airborne Course (BAC)

Entrance Requirements

  • Commissioned Officer, Warrant Officer, Noncommissioned Officer, Enlisted Personnel, and qualified Cadets
  • Volunteer for the course
  • Physically qualify for parachute duty IAW AR 40-501, Standards of Medical Fitness, volunteers must be able to successfully execute the flexed arm hang (FAH) for 10-20 seconds, ability to reach 80 inches to connect the Universal Static Line Modified Snap hook to the anchor line cable in full combat equipment and run at a minimum of 3 miles at a nine-minute pace.
  • The "Flex Arm Hand" (FAH) and "Reach Assessment" are safety mitigation measures to ensure students can safely hook up to the anchor line cable, pull and hold a slip to safely avoid fellow jumpers in the air, obstacles on the ground, and assume a proper prepare to land attitude. These requirements are SEPARATE events. Both assessments will be conducted on the first day of Airborne School. Students who fail to meet the initial FAH and Reach Assessment standards will be immediately retested, those who fail the test and retest will be dropped from the course.

    Description of the Flexed Arm Hang: Students are required to mount the bar from a fully extended hang position with the palms of the hands facing the body. The students, upon receiving the command to pull themselves up, will pull their body weight until the head and chin are above the bar with the bar at nametape level. Once in this position, the student is required to hold this position for 10 seconds, thus demonstrating the ability to hold a slip with the T-11 ATPS.
    start position

    flexed arm hang start position

    assessment position

    Flex arm hang assessment position

  • USMA Cadets must complete Cadet Basic Training
  • ROTC cadets must be under scholarship or contracted.
  • Enlisted personnel must have completed Basic Combat Training, OSUT, or other service equivalent training.
  • Commanders selecting personnel to attend the BAC will refer to AR 614-110, Assignment of Airborne Officers and Processing Volunteers for Training and AR 614-200, Enlisted Assignments and Utilization Management for information on airborne volunteer selection and processing.
  • POC for questions: Student Accountability 706-545-9995.