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About the OCS Hall of Fame

The OCS Hall of Fame was established in 1958 to honor graduates who had distinguished themselves during WWII through Valorous Combat Leadership and subsequent Superior Meritorious Service. The first honoree was Medal of Honor recipient LT Thomas Wigle. There are over 2500 members of the HOF compared about 300,000 graduates since 1941.

Members of the OCS Hall of Fame are honored for

  • Superior Valorous Combat Leadership which includes recipients of the Medal of Honor and the Distinguished Service Cross.
  • Superior Meritorious Service which includes promotion to and superior meritorious as a Colonel which includes successful Battalion and Brigade Commanders; Division CofS; Directors & A/CofS in Army Corps and numbered Army Headquarters or Joint Task Forces; Program Managers; Defense Attache’; and Division Chiefs and Project Managers In Combatant Commands; Major Commands; Department of the Army; the Joint Staff or the Department of Defense; from which they are awarded the Legion of Merit or Defense Superior Service Medal.
  • Distinguished Public Service which includes Member of Congress; Governors of a State; Cabinet Secretaries; US Ambassadors; Mayors of a Large City; Federal Judges,
  • Superior Public Service which includes High ranking Career Civil Servants (GS-15/ SES); High ranking State Officials; members of State Legislature; Mayors; Sheriffs; Police Chiefs; City Managers; CEOs of Philanthropies.
  • Lifelong Service which includes individuals who have a life of service to the nation and to their community which starts with Valorous Combat Leadership and/or Meritorious Service with continued outstanding public service through Volunteerism, especially in support of Military Service Members and their Families as well as Military Veterans.

Each nominee must be recommended by a person of stature, preferably an OCS Hall of Fame Member, Senior Military Officer, or Senior Public Service Civilian.

The Nominee must be qualified in one of the above categories and supported by official documentation.

  • Proof of graduation from OCS
  • Award Citation (Superior Valorous Combat Leadership)
  • DD 214
  • Officer record brief
  • Official records to document career public service (Distinguished Public Service & Superior Public Service)
  • Public Service Awards (Distinguished Public Service & Superior Public Service)
  • Official records to document superior volunteer service (Lifelong Service)
  • Volunteer Service Awards (Lifelong Service)

Incomplete packets or packets that do not substantiate qualification will not go before the selection board. Quality Screening is done by the Action Officer and the President of the USAOCSAAA.

The Board meets each December and chooses between 40-50 nominees and the ceremony is held in May in conjunction with the annual OCS Alumni Association Reunion.

Nomination Packets

OCS Hall of Fame packets are due to the OCS Hall of Fame point of contact ("Attn: Hall of Fame Action Officer") no later than 01 October 2022. Packets can be submitted via mail to the following address:

Officer Candidate School
ATTN: S3, Hall of Fame Action Officer
6510 McVeigh Drive, Bldg. 76
Fort Moore, GA 31905

You can find necessary documents and example biography and nomination letters:

Contact Information

Send any inquiries regarding the OCS Hall of Fame, the nomination process, or upcoming alumni events to (706) 545-5559.