Fort Moore

U.S. Army Fort Moore and The Maneuver Center of Excellence

Religious Support Office Site

Religious Support Office

How to Contact a Chaplain

The area code is 706.
Phone numbers listed as 545 can be reached through DSN prefix 835.
Phone numbers listed as 544 can be reached through DSN prefix 784.

During Duty Hours

Chaplains are assigned to battalion and larger units stationed on the installation. To locate your assigned chaplain, contact your unit, the nearest chapel, or the Garrison Chaplain's Office at 706-545-2289. For a list of unit chaplains and chaplain assistants click Here (CAC required site).

After Duty Hours

To support your after hours requirements there is a Staff Duty Chaplain on call after duty hours (1700-0900 weekdays -- 24 hours a day on all weekends and holidays). To reach the Staff Duty Chaplain, contact the Installation Staff Duty Officer at 706-545-2218. The Installation Staff Duty Officer will in turn contact the Staff Duty Chaplain.