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ARMOR Winter Spring 2024 edition

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The Gunnery Training Program
by Lt. Col. Chuck Bies and Command Sgt. Maj. Gary John Kurtzhals

The Integration of Commercial SUAS Quadcopters in MOS 19D OSUT Training
by Capt. Nathan Kraemer and 1st Lt. Gregory Brookover

Premortem Gets Desired Wargame Outputs with Economy of Effort
by Maj. Scott Dawe and Maj. Anthony Molica

ASC Support for CTC Rotations
by Col. Larry R. Dean and Maj. Jerad N. Hoffmann

Notes from the Field: Practices for Enhancing Your Rotational Deployment
by Lt. Col. Timothy W. Decker and Maj. Alexander Boroff

What’s Missing in Your Leader or Self-Development Program?
The Answer is Probably Military History!

by Maj. Shameek De Lancey

Minimizing Blast Overpressure Exposure:
Enabling Lethality by Reinforcing Safety and Recommitting to Standards

by Capt. Leah Foodman

Crossing Rivers and Bridging Gaps in Doctrine:
Experiences from Remagen Ready 24-01

By Maj. Korey Gaines and Maj. John Kearby

The Dilemma of "Tactical" Surrender
By Col. David Krynicki, Maj. Christopher Gamble, Maj. Joseph Lambert and Maj. Matthew J. Smith

Analysis of Armored Cavalry Troop Performance During Combined Resolve XVIII
by Col. Christopher "CJ" Kirkpatrick and Capt. Rodric "Cam" Waugh

Thinking Outside the Airbox:
Creative Ways to Integrate SUAS into Small Unit Training

by Col. Gregory W. McLean and Lt. Col. Mitchell Payne

Bullets or Weapons: Rethinking Army’s Approach to SUAS Integration
by Lt. Col. Mitchell Payne

Commander’s Primer to Combat-Trains Command Post
by Capt. Evan Ringel


Chief of Armor’s Hatch: Continuous Transformation of Armor and Cavalry
by Brig. Gen. Michael J. Simmering

Gunner’s Seat: Focused and Lethal Post Army Structure 25-29n
by Command Sgt. Maj. Waylon D. Petty

Remembering the Late Retired GEN Gordon R. Sullivan

Featured unit:
124th Cavalry Regiment